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Primordial pour l'album "To The Nameless Dead"


Primordial pour l'album "To The Nameless Dead" Entretien avec A.A. Nemtheanga (chant) (2007)
Seconde interview et réponses un peu laconiques et expéditives du chanteur de Primordial, je vous laisse en profiter quand meme, ils y a quelques bribes de réponses qui sont potentiellement instructives!

Hey! Glad to be interviewing Primordial once again, i'm slowly but surely becoming myself a fan of yours... How is life right now in Ireland?

Hails. Life is fine. It's pissing rain, windy and grey like every winter here.

Like many, i must confess i've discovered Primordial with “The Gathering Wilderness”. I guess i'm not the only one to tell you this; how does it feel to hear this, since you've been making music for quite a long time?

It doesn't matter really does it ?. How could someone who is 18 for example have been into us when we did our demo ?, they would have been only 3 years old. Whenever, wherever.

Success, or something looking more or less alike, is coming for you: sales are better, people now know (at least, some) what Primordial is and does; now that you're not young metalheads anywhere, how do you see this growing success? Are you cynical about it?

Sure, the band is getting bigger and bigger now and by the end of this year should if things keep on going as they are doing make further steps forward. However it's not something that really bothers us, it's not why we play music. If it happens then fine and well, we can play better shows, more studio time, pay a few bills easier then we do. I always was cynical anyway, this isn't going to change that.

“To The Nameless Dead” features a specific violent song with an high tempo: why is this “Traitor's Gate” so fast and violent?

I don't know, why anything ?. Why did you wear black pants today ?. There's no grand plan to what we do. What comes out of rehearsal is what comes out. We don't enter the studio saying today we write a fast song. We like fast music. Why not ?.

What are the lyrics dealing with this time? I guess it's about Ireland history, but in a more specific way, like “The Gathering Wilderness” was?

Lots of things, nationhood, sacrifice, religion, , martyrdom, history, politics, people. The lyrics of Primordial are written in a universal way, they are not specifically about Ireland. They might be inspired by it but are written for anyone to understand.

“To The Nameless Dead” sounds like a naturel evolution after “The Gathering Wilderness”: do you feel like you have found your “mature” sound now?

No, not really. We always had our own sound more or less. You can hear on our demo it's the same band. I think on the debut album from 1995 Imrama you can find our signature style in tracks like The Fires an Let the Sun Set for example. We don't repeat ourselves but each album is another chapter of the same book.

What's your favorite song on this new album?

Ask me at the end of 2008 when we have been playing them all live for a year. That's the measure of a song.

How is the collaboration with Metal Blade going? They seems to promotion you quite a lot, that's great!

Yeah sure, we are happy on Metal Blade. No complaints.

Would you suggest getting the digibook version of the new album? I'm having a hell of a time finding it... there's a live cd included, why is it not a DVD? And do you remember this show you've played, how was it?

The dvd was a typo on the Blade site. If you can find the digibook then by all means buy it, it looks amazing and the live cd is cool. The show was great, Rock hard Open air in 06.

Any news of Void of Silence? A new album soon maybe? How do you feel about this “other band”?

Yes we are slowly working on some new music right now. something should come out in 2008. Just another face of mine. I'm very proud of the last album we made, hopefully the next will be as good.

What are you listening this time? Any good albums to recommand?

Right now I'm listening to “through silver in blood” by Neurosis. This last year I would recommend albums by warning, watain, marduk, spearhead, witchcraft, rotting Christ, rose tattoo, isis, melechesh, archgoat, slough feg, pagan altar, converge, wolves in the throne room for example…

Any good websites also to recommand?

nope, I don't really use the web for anything other then answering emails. Read a book instead.

Thanks for your answers, last words are yours!

strength and joy


lkea citer
20/04/2008 21:17

sinon il a bon gout en musique !
Chri$ citer
20/04/2008 16:28
de rien les gars, ça fait bien 6 mois qu'elle prenait la poussière dans ma boite mail, c'est le label qui m'a bien légitimement tiré l'oreille pour m'en rappeller l'existence Moqueur c'est vrai que j'ai l'air de le faire chier le père Nemtheanga, il sortait peut etre d'une cuite à la Guiness allez savoir...
just gnu it citer
just gnu it
20/04/2008 13:57
Chris a écrit : Any news of Void of Silence? A new album soon maybe? How do you feel about this “other band”?

Yes we are slowly working on some new music right now.something should come out in 2008. Just another face of mine. I'm very proud of the last album we made, hopefully the next will be as good.

ahhh, j'en déféque d'impatience

Sinon merçi pour l'interview Mega cool. Un vrai gai luron le père Nemtheanga
älva citer
20/04/2008 12:12
Phoque, j'ai oublié de me connecter -_-
20/04/2008 12:07
Merci pour cette interview Chris, même si ton interlocuteur n'avait pas l'air très enthousiaste (mais il a bon goût Sourire ).


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